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Please see our website for an important letter from the Principal Mr Stananought, plus details about virtual learning for Year 10 students following the Easter break


Dear Parent/ Carers Please note Harris Academy Rainham opening times for Critical Keyworker Students during the Easter Break at:


Dear Parents and Carers During this difficult time we understand some of you may have had a change in your financial situation. The following link can provide you with information on whether your child is now eligible for Free School Meals.


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THANK YOU to everyone for your ideas. We've decided to provide supermarket vouchers, giving parents a choice of where to shop and what to buy. The first £8,000 will be emailed tomorrow to 400 Harris families. 60 laptops + dongles will be given out next week, with more to follow.


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Daily challenge


On 21st Apr 9.30 the Geog dept has signed Y8 up to an online fieldwork experience (no going out necessary) with the FSC linked to their study of weather & climate. All your child needs is access to YouTube – link on SMHW nearer the time. Hope you will all join in 😊 Ms Blake


Be an excellent Geographer this week!


Be an excellent geographer!


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Please get in touch if you are able to help. We want to get this off the ground as soon as poss, to help families who are hungry or in need.


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PLEASE RETWEET: with 36,000 families at our schools in London and Essex, we want to supply food parcels for those in need (on top of free school meals which we’re already doing). We’ll fully fund this but URGENTLY need a supermarket chain to help.


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Day 4. Either use your name or follow the exercises for R. A. I. N. H. A. M. Good luck


Year 7-10 students should still continue with their Bedrock Vocobulary obligations. A minimum of 4 lessons to be completed by 30th March 2020. If you have forgotten your login details, please email to request this. Thank you


Year 9 Parents/Carers - please see letter regarding partial closure of the Academy for Year 9 students


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All fixtures are postponed until further notice. However all pe clubs remain on!!


The parent drop in sessions scheduled for 17th and 24th March regarding changes to the Academy day have been postponed. We will reschedule as soon as possible.


Coronavirus Update 13th March 2020


Bedrock Vocabulary reminder


Reminder to all Year 7 and 8 students/parents/carers. Deadline date for passing a quiz on a reading book at your Lexile measure is FRIDAY 27th MARCH 2020. Thank you

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Curious Question of the Week

Our Curious Question this week: If you could go back in time in history and change one thing, what would it be and why?

Our school may be temporarily closed to most students, but our How Curious Are You? competition carries on! Think about the question and discuss with your family if you like. There will be a new question next week.

Submit your answers via our Twitter or Facebook page by the end of Friday. Winners announced next week!


Our competition is designed to encourage students to be curious outside of their normal studies.

Participating in this competition encourages students to display our learning behaviours such as being curious about learning, thinking hard and showing scholarly behaviours outside of lessons. That's why all entries receive 5 BBB points (see Rewards and Praise page).

Curious Questions from previous weeks:

Where do ideas come from?

Are we the only species to use language to communicate effectively?

What is the most unusual organism on planet Earth?


Why did head injuries increase during WW1, despite metal helmets being introduced? Our answers were exceptionally curious this week ranging from "the sun reflecting on the metal helmets made the soldiers stand out more", to "the metal gave soldiers a sense of security and confidence which made them less aware" and "the brown cloth hats originally gave soldiers protection by acting as camouflage". Well done to this week's winner, Billy, who attributed it to the lack of padding inside the helmets, that meant if soldiers fell it would have caused an injury. All of our answers were really curious and showed students were really thinking about their learning but there was actually a correct answer to this one. The reason why head injuries increased following the introduction of helmets was because there were more people surviving, and therefore more injuries but fewer fatalities.


If God exists, why is there so much evil in the world. We had 126 answers to thsi curious question. We were really impressed by the detail and knowledge in these answers. Many answers referred to the biblical stories of Adam and Eve and discussed the idea of God testing us. Well done to James who was our winning entry this week. James discussed the idea of free will and how it is our choice to be evil or good, and therefore it is humans that cause evil in the world. We really enjoyed reading all of our entries this week and it showed just how curious our students are.

Selfie 4248870 960 720

Is a selfie art? Lots of students contemplated the amount of effort put in as a marker of whether it was art. Our winning answer from Kloe, Year 9, argued a selfie is art as long as preparation was made with regards to lighting and editing. We really liked her argument that "If it is a picture you took for memory, with friends or family, then it is art". Well done Kloe, for such a curious answer!

What is a Black Hole? We received an array of interesting answers but our winning answer was from Rohan, who gave a very scientific and technical answer explaining in depth exactly what a black hole was and how it was formed. We also really enjoyed his labeled diagram. Well done, Rohan!

Different Languages 660x437

If you were going to invent a language for the whole world to speak, where would you start?

The winner, Neville, promoted an inclusive language that should be simple and easy to learn for everyone. We love his idea that 'all countries should be able to speak the same language' and we wonder what impact this would have on the world. Read Neville's answer.

Bayeux Tapestry scene57 Harold death

If William had not won the Battle of Hastings in 1066, how different would England be today?

Last week's curious question asked students to consider the impact that William the Conqueror had on England. All answers submitted were really thoughtful and demonstrated a real sense of curiosity. Well done to Carmen for the winning entry. She wrote a very detailed and thoughtful answer where she considered that if William the Conqueror had not won the Battle of Hastings, then the United Kingdom may not even exist, we would have a different royal family today and some of our most famous landmarks, such as the Tower of London, would never have been built. You can see Carmen's answer below. Well done, Carmen!

Carmen week one