Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Home Academy Partnership

Home-Academy Partnership

The ‘Home-Academy Partnership’ helps teachers at Harris Academy Rainham form strong relationships with our students. It also helps improve academic performance and harvests positive feelings towards school-life and learning.

Academic Achievement
Parental involvement in Academy life is proven to lead to better academic performance, greater attendance and impressive homework completion rates. These students also are likely to graduate University and pursue higher education because their parents have taken a keen interest in their education and serve as effective role models.

Teacher Interactions
Getting to know their students' parents helps teachers understand the environment and economic, political or cultural influences that shape students' points of view and behavioural traits. This in turn leads to improved communication between students and teachers, enhancing trust, mutual respect and helps improve the wider educational process that is taking place.

Parental Participation
Parents who get to know their students' teachers, the curriculum and the methods used to help the students are more likely to help their son or daughter to progress in their studies. Parents that involve themselves in the education process are also more likely to develop and strengthen close bonds with their son or daughter. Parents that help promote education and celebrate achievement within this area are more likely to help their son or daughter achieve a fruitful working career on competition of their education.

To this end, we like to offer two opportunities per academic year for parents/guardians to come and speak with their teachers and discuss progress:

  •          October 20th – Y7 and Y11
  •          December 8th – Y10 and Y8
  •          January 19th – Y9 and Select Y11s* (*Via invite).
  •          March 16th – Y7 and 11
  •          May 11th – Y8 and 9
  •          July 6th – Y10