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...They played Redden court in the semi-final which went to extra time, then to golden goal which we won to play Coopers in the final. The girls caught hard but lost 4-1 finishing 2nd in the Borough. Well done to Kitty, Pippa, Jolie, Cassie, Esther, Chloe, Caitlin, Emmanuela.


Very proud of our Year 7A netball team who came 2nd out of 14 schools last night in Havering. It was a cold wet horrible night but the girls worked really hard and didn’t complain once! ... more


Year 9 student Skylar Bailey took part in the Stratford and East London Music Festival in the half term. She did very well in every category.


An Options Evening for Year 8 students is taking place on Thursday 22nd February between 4pm and 7pm in the main school hall.


Parents' Consultation Evening for Years 7 and 10 - Thursday 1st March 4.30pm to 7.30pm


Year 9 pupils attending today’s meeting with Mr Turner from the Harris Experience’


... It is a great honour for us to have been chosen to take part in this prestigious event and a testament to the hard work of our students and staff.


... and The Gloriana Trust to reward schools with the most improved results in the previous academic year. Harris Rainham was chosed because we achieved one of the biggest increases in our 2017 Progress 8 score when compared to the previous year ... more


We are delighted to announce that Harris Academy Rainham has been invited to be one of just 5 schools chosen to participate in Gloriana Achievers' Day 2018. Gloriana is Her Majesty The Queen's Row Barge and Gloriana Achievers' Day was developed by Sir Steve Redgrave ...more


Advance Notice: There will a a Parents' Consulation Evening for Years 7 and 10 on Thursday 1st March from 430pm to 7.30pm. Students will receive a letter and appointment sheet on their return to school after half term.


Year 8 Options Booklet 2018 Published. See


Athletics training with Miss Soni tomorrow morning has been cancelled. Apologies for any inconvenience


Friday 9th Feb will be a normal school for year 11 students who will attend school at 9am to sit maths mock exam followed by science intervention session. Students need to be in full uniform. Finish time 1:30PM. The canteen will be open as normal for Year 11s.


Hot Chocolate Friday


Year 8 Options Evening Thursday 22nd February 4pm to 7pm.


Advance notice - INSET day Friday 9th February 2018. All students return to school Monday 19th February 2018.


Internet Matters!


Ms Sees, Music teacher, would like to invite students to try out for the choir. Wednesday mornings at 8:20am. All welcome. Poster designed by Year8 student Maddie Stephenson.


All Year 7 students are now registered on an exciting new reading program called Scholastic Reading Pro. Students were given information and login details during their Library Lessons but these can also be found on the school website


Year 7 student Bobby Earle has really embraced the new Scholastic Reading Program and loving the book generated from his reading list. Well done Bobby!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Behaviour for Learning

Harris Academy Rainham - Behaviour for Learning Policy


Harris Academy Rainham is committed to creating an environment that fosters the highest educational standards and enables all our students to achieve in all aspects of their lives.  At Harris Academy Rainham we hold that our Academy should provide students with a deep sense of belonging to a caring community, the belief in themselves and their unbounded potential and the opportunities to become more than they thought was possible.  We recognise that these values can only be realised if behaviour within the Academy is exemplary.  We strive to create an environment in which students display the behaviour that enables high quality teaching and learning.  This includes students displaying the behaviours that enable academic excellence such as resilience, determination and a strong work ethic.


The aims of this policy are:

  • Establish the expectations for students’ behaviour in lessons, around the Academy and in the wider community.
  • Ensure that the Academy is a safe and supportive environment for all.
  • Ensure that all members of the Academy community are shown respect and show respect for others.
  • Encourage a positive approach to behaviour through praise and reward for good behaviour.
  • Ensure that where behaviour falls short of accepted standards, procedures are followed and sanctions are applied fairly and consistently.
  • Ensure that the standards of expected behaviour are modelled by the adults working within the Academy.
  • Ensure specific programmes are in place to nurture the social and emotional development of all students and provide extra support to struggling students while ensuring that these students do not disrupt the learning of others.


General expectations for behaviour


The Academy has the highest standards for behaviour and as such students are required to meet the following expectations in every classroom:

  • Arrive to class on time, in full and proper uniform.  At the start of the day students are expected to line up outside their lesson by 8:55am.  Any student not in lesson for 9:00am is considered to be late.
  • Line up and enter room appropriately, in accordance with the expectations of the teacher.
  • Follow the teachers’ instructions at the first time of asking.
  • Take out the necessary materials immediately – including pencil case.
  • Listen carefully in silence and wait for any instructions.
  • Do not speak when the teacher or another student is talking.
  • Put their hand up if they need to ask or answer a question and wait to be asked to speak.
  • Fully engage in learning by active listening, thinking and contributing.
  • Take pride in their work and strive for excellence.
  • Make note of homework as instructed.
  • Bring water to lessons.

All students must follow the HAR classroom expectations:

  1. Arrive on time and in an orderly manner
  2. Wear uniform with pride and meet uniform expectations
  3. Have correct equipment and be ready to learn
  4. Follow the teachers’ instructions at the first time of asking.
  5. Respect your learning and the learning of others

If a student breaks any of these expectations they will receive a first warning from the member of staff.  If a student’s inappropriate behaviour persists a second and final warning will be given.  Any further infringements will result in the student being removed from lesson and place in isolation.  The student will receive a sanction from the member of staff and parents will be informed.  The student will remain in isolation for the rest of the lesson and then be sent to their next lesson.


The Academy has high expectations for behaviour in the Academy including corridors, playgrounds and all areas of the school.  Staff complete duties before school, at break times and after school however as the Academy operates rolling breaks and lunches students are expected to behave well irrespective of staff supervision.  While in the Academy students are expected to: 

  • Wear full and correct uniform at all times.  The Academies uniform policy is available on the Academy website.
  • All coats and bags are to be placed in lockers throughout the school day.
  • Follow the clearly established Academy routines (e.g. lining up for lunch, appropriate behaviour in the dining hall, eating in the designated areas of the Academy, not chewing gum etc)
  • Use mobile phones appropriately around the academy.  Any inappropriate behaviour with a mobile phone will result in the device being confiscated.  If there are any safeguarding issues related to a student mobile phone, this will be confiscated and parents/carers and other relevant agencies will be contacted.
  • Communicate with others in a respectful manner avoiding shouting, swearing and inappropriate language.


Expectations outside the Academy


Students are expected to be responsible citizens of the local community and good representatives of the Academy, particularly in the following ways:

  • Students represent the Academy at all times and should behave in a respectful manner towards members of the public.  This includes on all public transport and in local shops.
  • Wear the full and proper uniform on the way to and from the Academy.
  • Use appropriate language and good manners at bus stops and on public transport.
  • Keep the local environment free of litter – use the bins provided.

Students must remember that if they bring the Academy into disrepute by behaving inappropriately they will be sanctioned as if the behaviour happened at the Academy.  Senior and pastoral staff will be on duty in the community at the start and end of the day and will speak regularly with members of our local community to ensure students are behaving appropriately in the community.


Members of staff will seek to create an environment in which student behaviour is exemplary by:

  • Building strong relationships with all students and encouraging a sense of belonging to the school community.
  • All staff are expected to be in the corridor outside their classroom or office at key transition times within the Academy.
  • Welcome students at the start of every lesson at the classroom door.
  • Having clearly established routines within the classroom including for seating arrangements, starts and ends of lessons, transitions within the classroom, discussion etc.
  • Recognise and celebrate success both within and outside the classroom using the Academies reward system as appropriate.
  • Managing classroom behaviour through the protocols laid out in this policy.
  • All staff should focus on the primary behaviour and work hard not to respond to secondary behaviours.  All staff recognise as the adult we must remain in control.
  • All staff will engage in positive restorative conversations with students where behaviour has been below the expected standard.  All staff recognise that students’ behaviour changes through conversations.


Rewards and Sanctions


At Harris Academy Rainham we recognise that imposing sanctions does not change children’s behaviour but the conversations we have with them do.  We know sanctions and rewards need to be used wisely and effectively and we understand it is the certainty of reward or consequence and not the severity that is important.


The Academy reward system enables staff to issue commendations for students who go above and beyond.  These commendations are logged on our MIS along with commendations for attendance, punctuality, homework, extra-curricular participation and so on.  These commendatsions are linked to our rewards assemblies, celebration evenings and other opportunities which are taken to recognise students achievements.


The sanctions applied at the Academy enables a tiered range of approaches that enable us to consider the nature of the incident or poor behaviour, the response of the students involved and the students previous behaviour record.  All these factors will be taken into consideration when deciding on an appropriate sanction.  The range of sanctions include:

  • Detention – including Friday afternoon detentions with SMT/Pastoral staff for more serious incidents or a repeated failure to attend a detention set by a member of staff.
  • Isolation
  • Seclusion
  • Reciprocal exclusion with another Havering school
  • Fixed term exclusion
  • Permanent exclusion

All students who receive a fixed term exclusion will be required to undertake a reintegration meeting with a senior member of staff.  The Principal retains the right to increase the exclusion if the student fails to show remorse and acknowledge the behaviour that resulted in the exclusion.



Support and intervention


Where students’ behaviour is not improving the Academy will provide a range support and intervention.  This is implemented in conjunction with parents and will involve external agencies where appropriate.  Possible support includes;

  • Report cards with a range of staff including learning guides, mentors, pastoral staff and SMT. 
  • Mentoring and support through members of the pastoral team.
  • Support from the Academy counsellor, attendance officer or health officer where appropriate.
  • Intervention sessions from an external behaviour mentor and life coach. 
  • Family mentoring and support through external agencies
  • The Academy runs intervention programmes to support students where need arises.  For example anger management.
  • TAMS Support organised with Havering (Transition, Attendance, Behaviour Support)
  • Careers Advisor and Havering Prospect mentoring
  • SENCO support for student and family within SEN team