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.... Year 8 will play first at 3pm with the Year 11’s finishing the afternoon which will end at 5pm. Please come and support our girls, no tickets needed!! For more info please contact Miss Goodchild


The Year 8,10 and 11 Netball teams have all reached the Finals of the Harris Academy Championships. The finals will take place this Tuesday 24th April at The Copperbox, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London E20 3HB... more


A reminder of the Y11 intervention sessions running this term before and after school. Only 25 days to go to the start of GCSEs so please encourage your son/daughter to attend to help them achieve their very best.


We don't like to boast here at Harris Rainham (we know we're the best) so just giving a quiet shout out to Emmanuella, Amiera, Dara, Cassie, Jolie, Pippa, Kitty, Esther & Chloe (& Miss Goodchild) Y7 HARRIS FEDERATION NETBALL CHAMPIONS Won their final yesterday 12-6. So proud!


... and full guidance is available on the website at If you have any issues please contact the school on 01708 552811


Please remember that half termly student reports are no longer posted home. They can be accessed via 'My Child at School', our online parent portal. You have been sent a login ID and password to allow you to access MCAS ... more


Good luck to our Year 7 Netball Team who are playing in the Harris Tournament Finals here today at 2pm. Emmanuella, Amiera, Dara, Cassie, Jokie, Pippa, Kitty, Esther and Chloe. Show them the Rainham Way girls!


Year 11 Easter Intervention Timetable




Wishing all our students, parents, friends and staff a very Happy Easter and a peaceful, safe and enjoyable break. Remember students return to school on Tuesday 17th April.


Lovely Rewards Assemblies this week - see


Chloe Y8 was 1st overall after the first round and went forward to the semi final (last 53)with Anton Y8 and and Quang Y9. Anton made it through to the last 20 HAR as a school were placed 4th out of the 11 schools. A brilliant achievement. We are incredibly proud of you.


Well done to our Year 8 and Year 9 students who took part in the Latin Spelling BEE at Harris Chafford Hundred yesterday. 125 students took part from 11 schools with 12 participating from Harris Rainham... more


An Outstanding use of props & Costumes for year 7 Pantomime Assessments in drama today' Mrs Rowell.


Year 11 Easter Intervention Timetable


The Music event yesterday was enjoyed by all. Well done to everyone involved.


Tickets are still available to purchase for the Music event on Wednesday 28th March via Parentpay. Priced at £2.50 and available to parents of students who are in the production

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Useful subject specific websites for Year 11 students


Harris Academy Rainham


Useful subject specific websites for Year 11 students





Copies of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde - and Romeo and Juliet – on line:


Study guides:




Useful maths websites:


Triple Science


 Doc Brown for Chemistry


Khan academy for all three sciences.


GCSE Science: Physics


GCSE Science: Chemistry


Core/Additional Science


BBC Bitesize


My GCSE Science (specifically for AQA but will help with OCR


Free Science lessons– good videos on revision and answering exam questions.









Business Studies

Sources of Finance

Business Plans

Cash Flow

Trading Accounts

Profit and Loss accounts

Balance Sheets


Controlled Assessment Task




Child Development

Revision Book:    

Child Development: Revision Guide (Collins GCSE Essentials) - Supplied by school


Computer Science and ICT

Fundamentals of Computer Systems

Computing Hardware


Representation of Data



Let’s communicate

On the move

Entertain me

Smart working

Shopping and ICT

Health and well-being




BBC Bitesize - GCSE Drama


Food and Nutrition


Clarke, D., Herbert, E. (1986) Food Facts: A Study of Food and Nutrition. Macmillan Education

Davies, J. (1997) Hammond’s Cooking Explained, 4th Edition. Longman: Pearson Education Limited 

McGee, H. (2004) Food and Cooking. Hodder & Stoughton


Tull, A. (1996) Food and Nutrition. Oxford University Press


(vii) Department of Health (2012) Manual of Nutrition (12th Edition). The Stationery Office

Jamie forum: Food & Drink

Nutrition requirements


 British Nutrition Foundation: Food – a fact of life: Sensory evaluation

 Grain Chain


 Meat and Education


Chilled Education


Recipes (includes videos)








Holidays/ Environment


World of Work


Past Papers


1) German GCSE Reading and Listening Exam Vocabulary Revision Lists

2) GCSE BITESIZE Listening and Reading practice (Foundation and Higher)

3) Animated German Grammar


4) memorise technique 


5) Free site with exercises and games French/Spanish/German

6) Five news broadcasts daily, found on homepage under video heading. Most effective way to view news is click on Vollbild, and from this page, you get access to other video clips in recent months, via News, Politik, Panorama, Wissenschaft, Kultur and Kino.

7) Can watch news from homepage via Aktuelle Videos.


8) Click on video at the top of the homepage.


9) Heute-Nachrichten. Access entitle ZDFheute100sec. Go to ZDFmediathek.


10) Good German revision Website for all year groups

11) Go to intermediate for GCSE revision all topics (Username: chafford Password: einstein)


12) Click on revision for GCSE (Username: forestgate Password: mflbons)


13) Listening practice German and other languages