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Help your community by making a donation to Rainham Foodbank. We are collecting until December 4th.


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Extra Curricular clubs back up and running this week!! Hope to see you all there🏃‍♂️⚽️🤸🏼‍♀️


Christmas has come early to the Art Department at Harris Academy Rainham and year 7 and 8 have been busy creating the design for our school Christmas card. Thank you to everyone who entered the competition and well done to the winner, Eugen Jurjiu from 7F!


Happy World Kindness Day! Our Year 7 Captains Nell, Alicia and Sophie are sending emails to check in with a Year7 student currently shielding. Well done, this is such a kind act.


Please support our Foodbank Drive 2020


Rainham Experience Newsletter for Year 10 and 11 students now available on our website


Year 11 October Half Term Intervention Timetable. See our website for details


Upcoming Careers Events at HAR


Year 11 Mock Examinations will take place from 2nd November 2020. For more information and the full timetable see our website at


Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award for Y9 and Y10


Welcome To Our Virtual Visit From The Principal


Library Help Desk and Book Collection Service The library is offering a help desk and book reservation/click and collection service via the library door, located in the quad area. Please see below poster for opening times, weather permitting.


Year 11 Virtual Academy Arrangements for self isolating students


Y7 student council applications will open Monday 28th September. Applications can be downloaded, collected from learning guides or from the library. Completed applications should be posted in the box in the library by Wednesday 7th October.


Please see our website for a letter from London Borough of Havering regarding Covid 19


Due to Government Covid-19 restrictions, the Open Evening scheduled for late September will no longer take place. A virtual tour and a range of other information and resources will be placed on the Academy website by 5th October and will be available until 31st October.


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6-Martin Luther King Class have been writing lovely messages to put inside their kind jar. If someone is feeling upset or a bit down, they can take a message out and read it to put a smile on their face😊🌈

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Student Leadership

A message from our student leadership team 2020-21.

We are very proud to announce ourselves as the Harris Academy Rainham student leadership team of 2020-2021.

We each have our own individual roles, responsibilities and passions within the team, and as a group we will embody and promote the academy’s ethics and school values. We all have a collective responsibility of representing the academy to its peak potential.

Our leadership also means that we will not just be representatives of the school, but also the voice of our all-inclusive students. Creating an advantageous and cordial environment out of Harris Academy Rainham is one of our main goals, as is enabling our students to flourish in their academic lives.

IMG 3397

‘I believe that as a school community we have established strong values that underpin all that we do.’ Ayah

Ensuring that all pupils adapt to our morals and values of Belonging, Believing and Becoming (BBB) is also a main target for us as the school’s leadership body. Implementing this into students from younger years makes a harmonious community and allows teachers and pupils to work in accord.

We are so excited to be back in school and look forward to having a bit of normality back in our lives by coming back into classes and seeing our friends and teachers again. We are looking forward to working hard and sitting our GCSE examinations (and being proud of the outcomes!). Although we do face on-going preparations for our GCSEs, we feel passionate about the below issues and plan to raise awareness, makes changes and move forward with the following:

  • BLM movement and educating all about unconscious bias
  • Speaking out and supporting those with mental health needs
  • Celebrating success, especially for those students who always do the right thing
  • Providing mentoring to students with repeated sanctions

We look forward to promoting Harris Excellence and representing you throughout the year!

'Everyone has a voice and it will be heard and valued.’ Goodness

Our student leaders 2020

Head girl: Maria

Head boy: Morrison

Deputy head girls: Daisy and Rennie

Deputy head boys: Jack and Reon

Student leaders

  • Goodness
  • Madison
  • Maddie
  • Izzie
  • Grace
  • Muttyat
  • Canan
  • Ayah
  • Ope
  • Daniel
  • Amadu
  • Andy
  • Jason

Head girl, Maria, with deputy head girls Daisy and Rennie.

IMG 3398

‘I am extremely proud to be a student at Harris Academy Rainham.’ Daisy

What our student leaders say...

We asked students why they applied to be on the student leadership team.

‘I want to be the voice of the school, so that everybody feels that they can belong and know that the school is a lovely and safe environment.’ Amadu

‘I will strive to support other students so they can excel in subjects they are passionate about so they and me can impact the community and the school positively. Putting my friends dreams and goals first is so crucial to me.’ Andy 

'This role requires a lot of patience, care, confidence, respect and the ability to work in a team, being a role model to motivate students to be the best versions of themselves, and ensuring the school is a comfortable and enjoyable environment for everyone.’ Muttyat

‘I think it is important that our student leaders are able to demonstrate tolerance and understanding. I also think that student leaders should be well-rounded pupils who are able to contribute widely to school life.’ Izzie

‘Belong. Believe. Become. These are our values are HAR and I believe that as a school community we have established strong values that underpin all that we do. They inform the fundamental character of both our students and teachers which creates individual and collective growth amongst us. This has allows us to continuously reach our goal of belonging to a community, believing in ourselves and others and becoming the best version of ourselves.’ Ayah

‘I am extremely proud to be a student at Harris Academy Rainham.’ Daisy

‘This position seems like an enjoyable challenge that will be hard work, but very rewarding. The academy has done so much for myself and countless others, I feel as if I owe it to you and the school’. Jack

‘As head boy, and even just as a person, I will do my unwavering best to make sure our students do not lose their way.' Morrison

‘I believe that student leaders play a significant role in school life and be representative of a role model to the rest of their peers. One needs to have the ability to motivate and the skill to instil inspiration on those they encounter. It is a responsibility which requires respect, patience, compassion and crucial teamwork skills.’ Maddison

‘I am a strong believer in our school values: Belong. Believe. Become. I am ready to aid our school in making sure that everyone feels as though they below as this is the first step into achieving our goals. I will make sure that everyone has a voice and it will be heard and valued.’ Goodness

‘The role of head girl holds great importance and plays a large part in school life for both staff and students. This role does not mean that you are someone of greater importance than the rest of the school but it is someone with the ability to work effectively within a team as well as demonstrating leadership skills. It is a crucial role that requires much patience, respect and care.’ Marris

'I will do my unwavering best to make sure our students do not lose their way.' Morrison

Head boy, Morrison, with deputy head boys Jack and Reon.

IMG 3399