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Extra Curricular clubs back up and running this week!! Hope to see you all there🏃‍♂️⚽️🤸🏼‍♀️


Christmas has come early to the Art Department at Harris Academy Rainham and year 7 and 8 have been busy creating the design for our school Christmas card. Thank you to everyone who entered the competition and well done to the winner, Eugen Jurjiu from 7F!


Happy World Kindness Day! Our Year 7 Captains Nell, Alicia and Sophie are sending emails to check in with a Year7 student currently shielding. Well done, this is such a kind act.


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Rainham Experience Newsletter for Year 10 and 11 students now available on our website


Year 11 October Half Term Intervention Timetable. See our website for details


Upcoming Careers Events at HAR


Year 11 Mock Examinations will take place from 2nd November 2020. For more information and the full timetable see our website at


Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award for Y9 and Y10


Welcome To Our Virtual Visit From The Principal


Library Help Desk and Book Collection Service The library is offering a help desk and book reservation/click and collection service via the library door, located in the quad area. Please see below poster for opening times, weather permitting.


Year 11 Virtual Academy Arrangements for self isolating students


Y7 student council applications will open Monday 28th September. Applications can be downloaded, collected from learning guides or from the library. Completed applications should be posted in the box in the library by Wednesday 7th October.


Please see our website for a letter from London Borough of Havering regarding Covid 19


Due to Government Covid-19 restrictions, the Open Evening scheduled for late September will no longer take place. A virtual tour and a range of other information and resources will be placed on the Academy website by 5th October and will be available until 31st October.


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6-Martin Luther King Class have been writing lovely messages to put inside their kind jar. If someone is feeling upset or a bit down, they can take a message out and read it to put a smile on their face😊🌈

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Latest News

Posted on September 17th 2020

"Glad to be Back" - Our New Term Begins!

It was with a mixture of relief, excitement and apprehension that students and staff returned to school last week following the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

While the school has remained busy supporting pupils and families throughout the lockdown, many pupils had not received on-site provision for over five months.

Students in all year groups have settled back into HAR daily life and are embracing the return to a sense of normality. For teachers as well as students, it’s exciting and refreshing to be able to teach in front of a live classroom again and witness the students' enthusiasm to be back sitting in a real classroom


‘It was great to be able to see all my friends again.’ Kai, Year 8

"Great to have our school back!”

Students and staff have responded positively and have worked very well to establish new routines and settle quickly to learning.

“The energy across the school has been fantastic, and a reminder of the HAR values of Belong, Believe, Become and of our students’ resilience and their real enthusiasm to learn and grow,” said Principal Mr Stananought.

We are immensely proud of the way our students have adapted to the safety measures around the school, and how they have conducted themselves with maturity throughout the settling in process.  As always, we have a term full of challenging and engaging lessons to look forward to.

The school now moves into a stage of ‘the new normal’, striking a balance between safe procedures and the imperative to re-engage pupils in their learning experience.

“I am very confident that the plans we have initiated and continue to review and adapt provide the opportunity for staff and pupils to reignite their passion for learning in a safe but welcoming environment. It’s great to have our school back!” added Mr Stananought.

‘I’m glad to be back. I worried about keeping up when I was at home.’ Daisy, Year 11

Teaching zones

The school has put in place a thorough plan for the return of all pupils. There are now separate teaching zones and break times for each year group.

We are fortunate that the size of the school allows us to separate each year group into distinct teaching blocks, helping us to create year group ‘bubbles’ which have ensured a purposeful and safe start to the year.


I’m so proud of the strength, resilience and determination that our students have shown.’ Miss Hill

Classrooms, too, have seen some changes. This year, it’s teachers who’ll rotate around the classrooms, with students mainly staying put in their assigned classrooms to minimise interactions in the corridors.  

Other safety measures in place include compulsory hand washing before entering the academy each morning and at the beginning and end of breaks and lunchtimes; separate year entrances and staggered start and finish times; round-the-clock cleaning; clear zone signage; students escorted on toilet breaks. 

What our students say...

‘I was worried I might get lost but there’s always a teacher to take us to where we need to go.’ Abbie Year 7

‘I like that we have our own part of the school to ourselves.’ Alfie, Year 7 

I’m glad to be back as I worried about keeping up when I was at home.’ Daisy, Year 11

‘The best thing is being able to have break and lunch at the same time as all the rest of my year.’ Daniel, Year 8

‘It was great to be able to see all my friends again.’ Kai, Year 8

‘I found it hard to do schoolwork at home and I missed my friends so it’s better that we are able to be back in school.’ George, Year 9

‘It’s actually alright being back.’ Jack, Year 11

‘I thought it might be scary but it’s not really. I already know my way around.’ Mason, Year 7

What our staff say...

‘I was a little nervous before we returned but it’s been terrific to see everyone – students and staff – doing their bit to ensure we stay safe, whether that’s regular hand-washing before and after breaks, wearing masks in corridors or keeping to the right year-group zones’. Mr Phillips

“I am extremely pleased with how quickly students, especially our new Year 7s, have adapted to our hand washing and movement expectations. It has been fantastic to be back in the classrooms, learning with students again.” Ms Blake

‘Coming back to work has felt like finally being home after a very strange time away. It’s been beyond lovely to see all the faces that I’ve missed so much! I’m so proud of the strength, resilience and determination that our students have shown.’ Miss Hill

‘It has been amazing to see how quickly and easily the students have adapted to the ‘new normal’ in school. It is so lovely to have them back where they belong.’ Mrs Naylor

‘It’s great to be back in a classroom and teaching our students again.  It may feel a little different, but they are as brilliant as ever.’ Mrs Rowell

"It's been a very strong start to the year.  Both staff and students have been adapting well to 'the new normal', which has quickly become routine, and it is truly wonderful to be able to be back in the classroom teaching the students face to face." Mrs Watson


‘It has been amazing to see how quickly and easily the students have adapted to the ‘new normal’ in school. It is so lovely to have them back where they belong.’ Mrs Naylor