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Reminder: Parents Evening for Years 7 and 11 will be help tomorrow, Thursday 18th October from 4.30pm to 7.30pm


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Hussain has received an Honorary Fellowship from the prestigious Kings College London for his work in mental health and public sciences.


Hussain has worked with Harris Academy Rainham staff and students before launching the UK's largest mental health festival in setting a Guinness World Record for the 'World's Largest Mental Health Lesson... more


Mental Health Week - Husain Manawer visited Harris Academy Rainham together with Easterners Star Bradley Green to deliver an inspiring assemblies to raise awareness of Mental Health and how to receive help...more


Esther, our Acaemy Head Girl ran session on Mental Health awareness in the library. She has recently written a book with a friend on this topic and explained to staff and students why she felt it was so important to raise awareness for Mental Health.


Mental Health Week kicked off with NHS Nurse Julie Borg running a stall in the canteen to highlight importance of eating healthy. What you eat can have a huge impact on your mental well being.


We will be holding a parents' consultation evening for Year 7 and 11 on Thursday 18th October from 4.30pm to 7.30pm. You child has already been given an appointment sheet so please encourage them to make appointments as soon as possible with their teachers.


Year 11 students will sit their Mock GCSE Examinations from 5th to 16th November 2018


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We're getting ready for 2019/2020 applications when opens! Come and meet our friendly team at the Train to Teach event, London on Saturday 13th October & have all of your questions answered!


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Have you seen the brilliant new Get Into Teaching video? No matter where your pupils are on their school journey, we're working to support the whole profession to deliver the best possible teaching.


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With the application portal opening soon, this online event is perfectly timed! Join us next Weds 10th Oct when our expert panel will provide advice on the UCAS application process...

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Posted on September 28th 2018

What Books Are You Reading?

Harris Rainham117On Monday 1st October 2018, staff will be collecting information on what books our students are reading. This information will be used to continue to stock our library and plan relevant activities around the joy of reading. Download a letter to parents.

As part of our Academy initiative entitled ‘Bringing Language to Life’ we are asking that all students in years 7, 8 , 9 and 10 bring an appropriate and challenging reading book to the Academy every working day. This will be used and discussed in their English lessons and in other aspects of Academy life, such as learning guidance.

Rainham 100

We've sent home a set of recommended entertaining books that help students literacy levels move forward and we'll be adding details to the website shortly too. We have called these the ‘Rainham 100’ and have all been chosen as they have a high reading age and ensure students learn knowledge that is covered in various aspects of the taught curriculum at the Academy. The ‘Rainham 100’ is also linked to our reward system.  Prizes and points will be awarded to those students who can successfully pass quizzes (where possible) on the books they have chosen to read or who produce book reviews for display.

We believe it is crucial that all of our young people have excellent literacy and numeracy skills. It is crucial for their future education, future employment and all round well-being.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing what books surface amongst our students.