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Reminder: Parents Evening for Years 7 and 11 will be help tomorrow, Thursday 18th October from 4.30pm to 7.30pm


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Hussain has received an Honorary Fellowship from the prestigious Kings College London for his work in mental health and public sciences.


Hussain has worked with Harris Academy Rainham staff and students before launching the UK's largest mental health festival in setting a Guinness World Record for the 'World's Largest Mental Health Lesson... more


Mental Health Week - Husain Manawer visited Harris Academy Rainham together with Easterners Star Bradley Green to deliver an inspiring assemblies to raise awareness of Mental Health and how to receive help...more


Esther, our Acaemy Head Girl ran session on Mental Health awareness in the library. She has recently written a book with a friend on this topic and explained to staff and students why she felt it was so important to raise awareness for Mental Health.


Mental Health Week kicked off with NHS Nurse Julie Borg running a stall in the canteen to highlight importance of eating healthy. What you eat can have a huge impact on your mental well being.


We will be holding a parents' consultation evening for Year 7 and 11 on Thursday 18th October from 4.30pm to 7.30pm. You child has already been given an appointment sheet so please encourage them to make appointments as soon as possible with their teachers.


Year 11 students will sit their Mock GCSE Examinations from 5th to 16th November 2018


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We're getting ready for 2019/2020 applications when opens! Come and meet our friendly team at the Train to Teach event, London on Saturday 13th October & have all of your questions answered!


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Have you seen the brilliant new Get Into Teaching video? No matter where your pupils are on their school journey, we're working to support the whole profession to deliver the best possible teaching.


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With the application portal opening soon, this online event is perfectly timed! Join us next Weds 10th Oct when our expert panel will provide advice on the UCAS application process...

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Posted on September 28th 2018

'Curious Incident' Impresses Drama Students

The National Theatre's performance of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time came to Harris Academy Rainham recently. Around 160 students watched the performance, including Year 9-11 GCSE Drama students and 50 Year 8 students.

CUrious 2

The play tells the story of Christopher Boone, a 15 year old boy who finds his neighbour's dog, Wellington, dead in his garden. Wellington had been killed with a garden fork. Christopher has an extraordinary brain. However, he struggles to understand everyday life due to his autism. Christopher decides he is going to solve the mystery of who killed Wellington.

Curious 1

The play is shown through Christopher’s view of the world using physical theatre and movement, a unit that all Drama students will study.

The performance was followed by a 20-minute Q&A session where students were able to ask the actors questions about the show and the actors' career paths.

Students thoroughly enjoyed the experience of watching a professional high-quality performance in their own school hall. Many have said they have been inspired to go into careers within performing arts. All students were amazed with the high quality of lighting, sound, costume and props that were used during the performance.

"It was great to see a professional show in our school hall"

What students said...

  • “I usually get bored watching a play, but this performance kept me engaged and interested throughout.” Elizabeth, Year 11
  • “This production helped me to think about how I can improve my own performance in Drama lessons.” Mollie, Yer 11
  • “It was just brilliant, so much to see from start to finish.” Chelsea Jinadu, Year 11
  • “I felt completely involved in the show throughout.” – Georgia, Year 11
  • “Something very special that I will never forget.” – Harrison, Year 10
  • “ Inspirational - it helped me to think about my future career as an actor.” Albie, Year 10
  • "It was great to see a professional show in our school hall, the lighting, costume, sound." Andrei, Year 10

Pictures: Richard Davenport