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HAR from Home Newsletter - 2021. Edition 1 published today


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Today it's Winnie the Pooh Day and the birthday of his creator A. A. Milne! We had a hard time choosing a quote to post today because there are so many good ones... What life lessons have you learn from Winnie the Pooh? 👇


Fabulous piece of work from Rachel Lee in Year 10. Well done!


Excellent History work from Gina in 7A


Join Mrs Burt for Together Time Tales every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3pm to 3.30pm


Students hard at work today at our Key Worker School. Well done students and staff!


Great work from Ashleen in Year 10 yesterday. Well done


The Reading at Home initiative aims to support students with a weekly session of guided reading. We invite and welcome all parents/guardians and students to participate in the programme!


We are relaunching our HAR from Home Newsletter from Friday next week. We may not be able to be together but we are all still part of the HAR family and community and this gives us an opportunity to keep in touch. Send your contributions to


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Clubs are back! Starting January 11th 15.00pm-16.00pm


BTEC examinations next week. See letter on our website


Please see our website for details of remote learning arrangements for all students from 5th January 2021


Please see the letter on our website regarding national lockdown arrangements


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Sad news about this half terms lockdown but there will still be virtual pe clubs everyday and virtual challenges starting 11th Jan. Keep active, healthy and maintain good habits!


Please see our website for details of arrangements for the beginning of Spring Term 2021


Our thanks to who kindly donated a large quantity of frozen meals to . 200 of these were delivered to families from our HAR community today who greatly appreciated this kind gesture. Merry Christmas!


Well done to our Year 11 students who are hard at work today at the academy. Students are taking the opportunity to catch up on course work in Art and DT as well as attending normal timetabled lessons like Sociology with Mr Stananought and independent study with Mr Leslie.


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Mr Leslie getting into the Xmas spirit

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Latest News

Posted on March 28th 2019

"I Can Be Enterprising Too' - Enterprise Day 2019

Enterprise Day (2)Monday was Enterprise Day for our Year 9s. The day started with a guest speaker delivering a motivational talk on the theme of ‘I can be enterprising too’. Students learned  about how they can apply themselves through selling products or offering a service whilst still in school. They were also encouraged to use combine their skills with their passion to become entrepreneurs and make a difference in the world once the leave school. Five of our Year 9 students gave a presentation on how famous entrepreneurs used their enterprise skills to make revolutionary changes to the world

Students then worked in teams to complete enterprise quizzes, personality tests and a 'guess the entrepreneur' challenge. They watched a film about how one entrepreneur used his skills to tame the dragons in the Dragon's Den TV series and create the famous Reggae Reggae Sauce. Students then planned and designed their own product, with each student taking on a different role in the team, based on their unique enterprising qualities.

The final session of the day was very enjoyable and saw students applying everything they had learnt about teamwork to carefully plan and build a tower using only some sheets of paper, a pack of straws, some blu tack and a roll of sellotape (pictured).

Enterprise Day (3)

The winners of the tower-building challenge were Emily, Sarah, Karina, Chelsey, Hollie, Ben, Grace C, Grace W, Daniel, Abbie, Jessica, James, Harry, LaShaun, Vienna, Ruby and Krystal, who each received a £10 gift voucher. Other students won other prizes throughout the day for getting the most correct answers in the ‘How Businesses Operate’ quiz.

Well done to all our Year 9s for participating so well in this enjoyable and challenging day.

Enterprise Day (1)

What students said...

"The guest speaker motivated me and I enjoyed the advice."

"Make Enterprise Day longer, because it was so good!"

"I’ve learnt to keep persevering, no matter what."

"Now I have more understanding of what businesses are and how they work."